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"ikebananana2 – sketchbook" is a Keynote file containing 53 sketches. These 53 slides treat Keynote like an interactive sketchbook, where slides are duplicated, remixed, adjusted, and tweaked, forming a meandering journey across the presentation.

The slides in "ikebananana2 – sketchbook" were eventually narrowed down and used in "ikebananaaaa–wallpaper2", a 24 hour macOS dynamic wallpaper, available for download here.

This is a chance to participate in the full lifecycle of the work, from initial sketches to final output as digital wallpaper. The collector has the opportunity to perpetuate the artwork by deleting, duplicating, adding new slides, exploring, and even exporting and sharing, the contents of the file and original source imagery.

A final important aspect of this work is that "ikebananana2 – sketchbook" will also be accessioned into the Rhizome ArtBase, a longstanding archive of born-digital art stewarded by the nonprofit Rhizome. The work was minted on the occasion of their "NFT Aesthetics" panel, the 2021 edition of the "Net Aesthetics" series, a program that seeks to examine how the internet is reshaping contemporary art, convened during times of significant field change since 2006. In joining ArtBase, "ikebananana2 – sketchbook" will be preserved as an artifact for the public, alongside others that together narrate a rich history of born-digital art and culture. 

To celebrate this aspect, half of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to Rhizome to support ArtBase and the organization's digital preservation program.


More information about ArtBase can be found here:
"The ArtBase Relaunches: Welcome to Linked Open Data" ↗